Informed Grads

We are a UC-wide student group opposing the UAW 2865 proposal to join the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement. Joining BDS will hurt our union, stifle academic freedom, and hinder peace.

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What’s Going On?

13,000 UC student workers (like TAs and readers) are represented by UAW 2865, a UC-wide union.

Our union leaders have endorsed the BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) movement against Israel, and want members to vote for it too.

To support BDS, our leaders call for an academic boycott of Israel, and for the UC and UAW to boycott fellow workers in UAW companies.

BDS cripples academic freedom.
BDS opposes peace negotiations.
BDS hurts our union and all UC students.

6 Reasons to Vote NO on BDS

1. Boycotting universities limits academic freedom, and stigmatizes students who do research on Israel.

2. We did not elect officers to spend thousands of our dues taking partisan stances on foreign policy in our names.

3. BDS targets STEM student research sponsors and fellow UAW workers.

4. BDS exposes us to costly legal challenges and possible union disciplinary action.

5. Our officers refuse to share opposing views with members in any meaningful way.

6. The UC and the UAW rejected calls for BDS less than two weeks ago.

BDS In Their Own Words

BDS Harms Our Union

Our union is supposed to fight for better wages and working conditions, not take extreme positions on international politics in our name. By supporting BDS, our leaders hurt our union by squandering resources and targeting fellow UAW International workers, limit academic freedom by calling for a boycott of the Israeli academy, and violate UC employment policies by urging us to teach politics in the classroom.


Undemocratic Process

Our union leaders have not taken a democratic or transparent approach in their advocacy for the BDS movement. They have quietly endorsed BDS activities before the vote, presented only pro-BDS perspectives to members while suppressing alternative perspectives, and ignored requests for basic information about the vote.


What is BDS?

The Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement calls for the cutting of economic, academic, and cultural ties with Israel. The BDS movement rejects Israeli-Palestinian cooperative enterprise and dialogue, and by the admission of its own founders, aims to achieve the end of Israel.


Take Action

There are several easy ways to take action against the BDS proposal, including joining the union and voting no and joining our mailing list to receive updates.



View letters and statements from Informed Grads, statements from the union leadership, and information about the BDS movement so that you can make an informed decision.